Predators  Royce awakes and discovers that he is in the middle of a forest. He meets other people that are in the exact manner as he did: Cuchillo, Los Zetas cartel enforcer, Spetsnaz soldier Nikolai and Isabelle, IDF sniper Isabelle and Mombasa RUF officers Mombasa and San Quentin death row inmate Stans. Hanzo is an active Yakuza member, as is Edwin is a general practitioner doctor. All of them are armed and lethal killers (with the exception of Edwin) but no one is aware of the area they’re at or what they’re doing.

Isabelle believes that Royce is a former Black Operations soldier who has become a mercenary. In the jungle , they discover the most bizarre statue of a plant that contains the neurotoxic poison Edwin removes using scalpels and cages that are empty, and deadfall traps that were set by a deceased Green Beret. The ascend higher before they spot an alien sky.

Quadrupeds from another planet attacks the human group. Royce concludes that they are out to take human beings down. One person survived the attack of the Predator.

Ronald Noland, a U.S. Air Cavalry soldier was spotted by the team.

Noland is able to trap the prisoners in the prison and tries to use smoke to drown the prisoners. He plans to take them all down for their equipment. Royce employs explosives to draw the Predators to the hiding place. Noland is killed by the Tracker Predator who is then released by the group. Nikolai is able to kill the Tracker with two mines of claymore. Stans is also able to commit suicide. The other members are able to escape, however Stans is able to kill them all. Hanzo stays behind to fight the Falconer Predator using the Katana he found in Noland’s hideout. The wounds killed him.

Royce, Isabelle, and Edwin continue to search for the Edwin, Royce and Isabelle continue to pursue the super Predators and their camps in the hope of executing Royce’s plan until Edwin is injured in an embroilment. Royce and Isabelle abandon one another when Isabelle refuses his request to be taken away. They are caught by the Berserker who locks them in a pit before continues towards the camp. Royce liberates the imprisoned Predator to transport the two to Earth. The Predator wears armor and attacks Super Predators’ ship with his wrist computer. The computer decides on the ship’s course to Earth. Royce sprints towards the ship as the Berserker is on the way. He knocks the smaller Predator down, and kills him. The Berserker is believed to have killed Royce. Edwin disables Isabelle with the neurotoxic poison. He admits to being the serial killer on Earth and is planning to remain there, as that’s where is where he’s at peace. Royce arrives and stabbing Edwin with his scalpel which then paralyzes him.

Royce booby traps Edwin using grenades using him as bait to kill the other Predator. Isabelle is crawling towards her sniper rifle while Royce is fighting the Berserker using an axe. Isabelle shoots the Predator and Royce chops the Predator into pieces. While Royce and Isabelle lay down, they stare at the parachutes that are opening in the sky. They believe that they’ll even be able to see Predators are arriving to hunt the new prey, Royce and Isabelle head into the woods to “find the escape from this horrible planet”


Predators (2010) มหากาฬพรีเดเตอร์

Predators 2010



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